Transparency in Leadership Merit Award 2022

Over 90 Civil Society groups led by the Center for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness, presented an award to me today at the National Assembly titled; Transparency in Leadership Merit Award 2022 on account of my initiatives to deepen transparency and openness in governance in Bayelsa state which I pioneered as well as guaranteeing Local Government Financial Autonomy.
This law was passed in 2012.
We faithfully implemented the Transparency Law and also started the Finance Committee which enabled top leadership of the state government to be on the same page in contributing and knowing about disbursements by the government and it served my government and the state very well.
As I said at the event, I dedicate the award to all the members of my team (both in the Executive and the Legislature) who were part of this and several other novel policies and projects aimed at deepening development in the state.
I believe the work they did under my leadership will continue to stand the test of time. I also believe that Local Councils in Bayelsa continue to enjoy unfettered financial autonomy even now.
I dedicate this award also to all the people of Bayelsa state who graciously gave me the mandate and supported me. I am happy particularly to note the continuity of these programmes; the Transparency Briefing and the financial autonomy of Councils.
Thank you all.

Niger Delta region on developments on The Presidential Amnesty Program

Arising from complaints and issues by participants, stakeholders and some youths in the Niger Delta region on developments on The Presidential Amnesty Program, I convened a closed door meeting with the pioneer amnesty coordinator Chief Ndutimi Alaibe that set up the template of the program and the current Presidential Adviser General Ndiomu this morning after which Chief Alaibe and I formally congratulated him and also pledged support for the continuation of the amnesty program as we have since done.
We believe in the ability of General Ndiomu to pilot and bring to greater fruition, the objectives of the program as originally conceived.
We are aware of the challenges and we believe that with the support and understanding by all, these can be surmounted and he has the capacity to do so. He has our support and we call for the support of all beneficiaries and stakeholders of the program.
We call for the continuation of the program and also greater financial support from the federal government to enable the program continue with the lofty ongoing programs of the PAP e.g the ongoing scholarships which need to continue for the benefit of our people and the country, skills development of the participants, the completion of ongoing construction of training facilities in the region that will help in capacity building and also the prompt payment of stipends and other allowances.
Once again, we call for support for General Ndiomu and the program and we believe that the coordinator and his team will address all issues of concern.
I thank them both for coming.


I left Abuja early this morning for Yenagoa to join our governor, leaders and good people of our dear State to observe our annual Thanksgiving which holds every November 2nd by Law.
Congratulations once again to the state, the governor, the government and all the people of Bayelsa. As I said in my brief remarks at the occasion, we commend and congratulate the governor for continuing with this initiative which pleased the Lord to use me, my government and my team to initiate in 2012 as Governor.
How time flies to note that today was the 11th Edition of the State Annual Thanksgiving Service. It was a pleasure to join all our Leaders and especially to have met our leader and father, the Former President of Nigeria, His Excellency Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who also found time to grace the occasion as he always does and I expressed my appreciation to him for his encouragement and support to the state. I call on all our leaders to join hands at moments like this to together in unison irrespective of differences, be they political or otherwise.
As time goes on, we hope that the Thanksgiving service will be observed by all Bayelsans even in their homes and it will be an opportunity for all leaders of the state and people to meet together and praise God for his faithfulness, that is why it is a public holiday by law.
Not everything is politics and we should learn from others. Certain things transcend politics. Our Social activities, Burials, deaths, celebrations, State occasions etc are beyond politics and it was gratifying that the Governor led the state and all of us in thanksgiving even amid this devastating flood.
As I said at the occasion, I was speechless flying into Bayelsa and seeing all our communities and homes still submerged up to roof level. As everyone knows, Bayelsa is the Basin of the Delta where all major rivers in Nigeria flow through to empty into the Atlantic.
While other states like Kogi, Benue and Anambra are affected, Bayelsa and the surrounding neighbouring states, parts of Delta, and Rivers that share the same environmental and climatic conditions suffer much. The entire Bayelsa is under water and I once again use the occasion to call on the Federal Government, International community and well-meaning persons and agencies as I have earlier done.
We have all tried, the government itself has tried, all individuals and leaders, but the devastation is simply overwhelming. I found time also to visit some of the camps along the airport road to Amassoma that have been split into 3 or four places and interacted with some of the Internally Displaced People and as someone who managed several floods and other natural disasters in the course of my 8-year tenure as governor, I know the distraction, the toll it takes and I call for understanding as I did earlier.
Let us again, use the opportunity of thanksgiving to reaffirm our resolve as one Bayelsa people, one Ijaw people and join hands to support our state and our people and the government of the day. When it is time for politics, we can play the politics but this is the time to empathize, to support and work together for the survival of our people.
It was refreshing flying again to the airport that I built as a governor in a recession. That is the only gateway into Bayelsa as all road routes have been cut off which was the reason my government at the time, even in a recession gave priority to have a gateway for the Ijaw nation.
This is the first airport in the heart of Ijaw Land and right now, it is our gateway to the rest of the country and the World as all other routes have been cut off. I believe that as time goes by and the years roll by, this Airport will even be more valuable, as it is intended as a free trade zone. All the propaganda, blackmail and allegations were thrown at me were a small price I and my team paid in service of our people. I was glad that our airport even in this unprecedented deluge, is not flooded. I commend the contractor Dantata & Sawoe and the supervisory team for a job well done. The airport was dry and busy with commercial flights.
Finally, it was a pleasure to be in the company and gathering of our people to support the governor, the government and our state in today’s thanksgiving service. I thank all the clergymen especially the guest minister Dr Paul Enenche and his wife for finding time to officiate at the service.
I pray that in-spite of our imperfections as humans, and as shortcomings as leaders, that God continues to have mercy and accept our offerings of thanksgiving and usher in greater stability, unity of purpose, divine guidance and inspiration for our leaders, tolerance and understanding for all our people, more developments, stability and peace.

H.E. Sen. Dickson declares open, annual Nanaye traditional Wrestling Competition.

The Minister for Sports and youth development called on all the 109 Senators in the National Assembly to sponsor a sport in their constituencies to start discovering new talents just like Senator Henry Seriake Dickson is doing.

In his remarks, the first Military Governor of Rivers State and Chairman, Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Rulers, His Royal Majesty, King Alfred Diete-Spiff congratulated Senator Seriake Dickson for his love for sporting activities in Bayelsa State.

He urged the winners to go into grassroots sports to discover new talents.
In his goodwill message, the Chairman of the occasion and Chairman Senate Committee on Sports and Youth Development, Senator Obinna Ogba commended Senator Dickson for promoting Grassroots sport.

“I am not surprised at Senator Dickson’s initiative. When you invest in sport, you invest in yourself. I will continue to support you. You supported me on the bill of the establishment of the University of Sport.

“It will help Nigerians to develop their talents. There will be no dropout in Nigeria again. Nigerians youths will continue to be proud of you Senator Seriake Dickson, Senator Obinna Ogba said.

The President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation, Daniel Igali represented by his  Vice President said the Seriake Dickson Foundation initiative is not new to the Nigeria Wrestling Federation.

He thanked Sen. Dickson for his support towards wrestling development in Nigeria and pledged the Federation’s support to the Nanaye Dickson Traditional Wrestling Competition.

In her vote of thanks, the daughter of Senator Dickson who spoke on behalf of the family, Helen Dickson thanked all for their time and devotions. She also thanked her father for the massive support towards grassroots sport in Bayelsa State.

The Nanaye Dickson Traditional Wrestling Competition is meant to engage youths of Bayelsa in an attempt to promote grassroots Ijaw Traditional Wrestling culture, as well as to serve as a talent hunt for the youths of the State.

The Nanaye Dickson Traditional Wrestling Tournament, which is an annual event, is in honour of Senator Dickson’s late father, a community leader and great wrestler of his time.

Senator Henry Seriake Dickson as Governor supported and revamped sports in Bayelsa state and the Nanaye Dickson wrestling competition is simply a continuation of the promotion of the sector by the Henry Seriake Dickson foundation.

The Foundation is currently running a football tournament in the Sagbama-Ekeremor Senatorial district and will now officially kick off the wrestling competition this Saturday.


(1)Peretorugbene. 1
(2)Torugbene 1

Ejougha in number 19 jersey of Torugbene 11 scored one goal while Soke Joshua in number 8 jersey of peretorugbene scored the equalizing goal.

However the match ended in penalty shoot out.
(1)Peretorugbene. 2
(2)Torugbene 11– 4
Torugbene 11 won the match by 4 to 2 goals of the penalty shoot out

(1)Peretorugbene. 0
(2)Torugbene. 2

(1)Peretorugbene. 4
(2)Torugbene. 4

(1) Ekeremor —-3
(2)Temekiri Zion –1

Paebi,Solo-hit,and Ebiye in number 12,9 and 8 of Ekeremor respectively scored each goal.
While Ejiro in number 7 jersey of Temekiri scored a lone goal.

In conclusion,. Ekeremor won the match by 3 to 1 goal.

(2)Temekiri —4

(1)Ekeremor —1
(2)Temekiri —–0

(1)Ekeremor —4
(2)Temekiri —2

Hon Seriake Dickson Unveils Ofurumapepe Cup

In the spirit of continuity, Senator Representing Bayelsa West Senatorial District, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson has officially unveiled the Henry Seriake Dickson Football Tournament, Ofurumapepe Cup revealing that the tournament is aimed at youth empowerment and grassroots development.

Addressing Journalist in Abuja at the unveiling on Friday, Hon Dickson insisted that this was a fulfillment of the promises he made to the people while in government as the governor of Bayelsa state to prioritize sports development in the state.

According to Hon Dickson, through the Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation, the lives of youths in the state will be transformed through Sports which will bring youth restiveness, cult activities, and other vices to its barest minimum.

He explained that the records will show that sports were one of the projects he took seriously as the governor adding that the tournament will amongst others encourage the development of grassroots sports and apart from football, traditional wrestling swimming will also be introduced considering the terrain of the state.

‘‘As a governor, we promoted sports development, we took wrestling to the national award stage and I am happy to mention that most of our athletes are doing well and they benefited from that program. So, the Ofurumapepe Football Competition is hereby unveiled.

‘‘With the Ofurumapepe cup, our dream of promoting grassroots sports development did not end with my tenure as a governor, as I promised through the Henry Seriake Dickson foundation we will continue with this laudable objective.

‘‘By next week our local organizing team will be meeting with all the community youths in the Bayelsa West senatorial district and all necessary arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the best results are achieved as expected’’ he stated.

With the theme ‘‘Youth empowerment for Peace and Development,’’ the sports-loving senator explained that football and traditional wrestling has been expressively harnessed by his administration adding that the cup instituted was in honor of his late father who was a maiden wrestling champion.
He however called on youths in the region to actively identify with the Ofurumapepe Football Tournament and channel their very productive energy towards initiatives that will develop their minds and body.

‘‘I also want to use this opportunity to call for peace in all our communities as the youths come out in mass to participate. I call for the spirit of sportsmanship there will be no losers at the end of the events. I also want to call on all our security agencies to support this initiative’’ he said.

Speaking earlier, Technical Consultant of the Henry Seriake Dickson Football Tournament and Ofurumapepe Cup, Mr. Ono Akpe, while enumerating the various prizes that are up for grabs stated that all is set for the kick-off as Hon Henry Dickson has provided all the jerseys, sports kits, football, trophies among others for the 76 participating communities.

‘‘On Wednesday 17 November, Jerseys and sports kits will be presented to the 76 communities in Sagbama and Ekeremor local government area which makes up the Bayelsa west constituency while the finals will be held on Wednesday,22 December at Toro-oruwa Sagbama.

‘‘The first price is 1.5 million Naira, 2ndPrice is 1 million Naira, 3rd Price is N500,000, 4thPrice is N250,000.

‘‘There are going to be 6 constituency champions from the 2 constituencies, 3 from Sagbama and 3 from Ekeremor each will get N250,000 and the runners up at the constituency level will get N100,000 each.

‘‘For the next two months from November to December, youths of Bayelsa West Senatorial district will be actively engaged.

The Ofurumapepe football tournament, according to the organizers, is scheduled to kick off on Sunday 21 November.

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