Over 90 Civil Society groups led by the Center for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness, presented an award to me today at the National Assembly titled; Transparency in Leadership Merit Award 2022 on account of my initiatives to deepen transparency and openness in governance in Bayelsa state which I pioneered as well as guaranteeing Local Government Financial Autonomy.
This law was passed in 2012.
We faithfully implemented the Transparency Law and also started the Finance Committee which enabled top leadership of the state government to be on the same page in contributing and knowing about disbursements by the government and it served my government and the state very well.
As I said at the event, I dedicate the award to all the members of my team (both in the Executive and the Legislature) who were part of this and several other novel policies and projects aimed at deepening development in the state.
I believe the work they did under my leadership will continue to stand the test of time. I also believe that Local Councils in Bayelsa continue to enjoy unfettered financial autonomy even now.
I dedicate this award also to all the people of Bayelsa state who graciously gave me the mandate and supported me. I am happy particularly to note the continuity of these programmes; the Transparency Briefing and the financial autonomy of Councils.
Thank you all.