Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation Announces 2024 Education Support Program Beneficiaries

The Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation is pleased to announce the beneficiaries of its highly anticipated 2024 Education Support Program. This initiative reflects Senator Henry Seriake Dickson’s enduring commitment to investing in education and human capacity development. We extend our deepest gratitude to Senator Henry Seriake Dickson, the Chairman of the Foundation, for his unwavering support and dedication to education, as well as for maintaining the education grant program over the years through the Foundation.

The 2024 edition of the Education Support Program aims to provide educational assistance to deserving students from Bayelsa State. We are proud to present the list of beneficiaries selected for this year’s program:


  1. Bayelsa West Senatorial District
  • Sagbama:                         150
  • Ekeremor:                         150

Total                                                               300

2. High Flyers (Bayelsans on First Class & 2nd Class Upper Standing)

  • University of Africa Toru-Orua (UAT): 129
  • Niger Delta University (NDU):   51
  • Bayelsa Medical University (BMU):   48
  • Federal University Otuoke (FUO):   25
  • IJB College of Education (IJBCOE):   25
  • Bayelsa State Polytechnic (BYPOLY):   25
  • Federal Polytechnic Ekowe (FPE):   25

Total                                                             328

3. Candidates on Master’s Degree Programmes

  • Sagbama: 46
  • Ekeremor: 33

Total                                                               79

4. Candidates on PhD Programmes

  • Sagbama: 29
  • Ekeremor: 16

Total                                                               45

5. Nigerian Law School Beneficiaries

  • Bayelsans the 3 Senatorial Districts             80

And Others









TIME: 10:00AM


  1. Arrivals
  2. National Anthem
  3. Opening Prayer
  4. Welcome Address by Chairman, HSD Education Support Scheme: Prof. Barclays Foubiri AYAKOROMA
  5. Opening Remark by Chairman of the Occasion: High Chief Fidelis AGBIKI
  6. Motivational Talks
  7. Remark by Royal Father of the Day: HRM King Seiyifa KOROYE, Pere of Tarakiri Kingdom
  8. Keynote Address by Special Guest of Honour: H.E. Sen. Henry Seriake DICKSON, Senator Representing Bayelsa West Senatorial District
  9. Presentation to Beneficiaries
  10. Response by Representative of the Beneficiaries
  11. Vote of Thanks: Secretary, HSD Education Support Scheme, Dr. Akpoebi ADESI
  12. Closing Prayer
  13. National Anthem
  14. Group Photographs
  15. The End

Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation Announces 2023 Education Support program

The Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its 2023/2024 Education Support Scheme, continuing Senator Henry Seriake Dickson’s long-standing commitment to investing in education and human capacity development. Application forms for the Senator Henry Seriake Dickson Education Support Scheme 2023 are now available for collection.

The scheme aims to provide educational support to deserving students from Bayelsa State. The beneficiaries for the 2023 edition will include 300 undergraduates from Bayelsa West Senatorial District, 300 undergraduates from Bayelsa State studying in various universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education within the state, who have achieved first-class or second-class upper standing. Additionally, the committee will consider other eligible candidates, including 100 students pursuing Master’s degree programs and 50 PhD candidates.

The Screening Committee, composed of esteemed professionals, will oversee the selection process. The committee members are as follows:

– Prof. Barclays Ayakoroma (Chairman), Acting Vice Chancellor, University of Africa, Toru-Orua
– Prof. Tawari Fufeyin (Co-Chairperson), Deputy Vice Chancellor, Hensard University, Toru-Orua
– Prof. Christine Odi (Vice-Chairperson), former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics), Niger Delta University
– Dr. Akpoebi Adesi (Secretary), Registrar, University of Africa, Toru-Orua
– Prof. Peter Ayunku (Member), Dean, Faculty of Management Science, Niger Delta University
– Dr. Tam Azorbo (Member), Acting Head of Department, Theatre & Film Studies, University of Africa, Toru-Orua
– Dr. Sunday Abraye (Member), Acting Head of Department, Theatre Arts, Niger Delta University
– Mr. Bolou Resident (Member)
– Mr. Moses Atti (Member)
– Comrade Tamarapreye Kings (Member)
– Miss Hope Asanakpo (Member)
– Dr. Stella P. Ugolo (Member), Chairperson, Bayelsa State Teachers Registration & Certification Board
– Aaron Richard Pereyei (Member)
– Comr Emi Egbe (Member)

Interested students can obtain the application forms free of charge by contacting any of the committee members listed below:

– Bolou Resident: 0706 630 9531
– Moses Atti: 0813 805 5261
– Hope Asanakpa: 0907 371 8193
– Kings Adueze Jnr: 0906 403 6562
– Aaron Richard Pereyei: 0903 914 7290
– Comr Emi Egbe: 0901 331 3092

The deadline for form submission is Tuesday, 2nd January 2024.

The Senator Henry Seriake Dickson Education Support Scheme, which successfully supported 600 undergraduates and Bayelsa State students at the Nigeria Law School in 2022, is sponsored by the Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation (HSDF).

Successful candidates will be formally awarded the grants in January to assist them in their educational pursuits.

Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation

Sen. Henry Seriake Dickson gives educational support grants to 90 law school students

Today, I presented an educational support grant to deserving students of Bayelsa origin totalling 90 whose names and LGAs are listed below and are currently in the 2021/22 session of the Nigerian Law School.
They will receive N100, 000.00 (One hundred thousand naira) grant each. I also approved the sum of N870, 000. 00 (Eight hundred and seventy thousand naira) educational support grant for Miss Emmanuel Ebilaere Favour, an indigent Bayelsan student studying in Zanakuro Iscom University, Benin Republic, which has been paid directly to the school account.
Throughout my public career, I have left no one in doubt about the primacy of position I attach to the issue of Education, building educational institutions, infrastructure, policies and the development of human capital in general.
This was why as governor I awarded an unprecedented number of scholarships, both local and foreign even in a recession.
Now in my present capacity as a senator, I have continued to use the Henry Seriake Dickson Foundation (HSDF) to support Education, scholarships, sports and human capital development in whichever little way I can.
We have kick-started this today as the first batch and some others will follow. I congratulate the awardees and urge them to accept this as a token of my appreciation for their efforts and to encourage them to do more in their educational pursuits.
As someone who has always been passionate about education, I deliberately extended this batch of beneficiaries beyond my Senatorial District in the same way I extended scholarships and other opportunities as governor to all Ijaws outside Bayelsa.
My Constituency office and officials will follow up on the Postgraduate Educational Support program for PhD. and masters students. Some have already been contacted and others have been noted but for those who are qualified and intend to participate, feel free to contact my constituency office through the numbers listed below for verification.
Tony Ogula – 07066781356
Bar Bordillon Ogugubeni – 08064283764

List of current beneficiaries

1. Amangala M. Joshua
2. Amiekumo Oyeinkule Priscilla
3. Tarilayefa Ogidi
4. Tarinabo-Debi Ebinyo Toyin
5. Timipre Obiene Barigha
6. Maccarthy Izibetoyin
7. Tiebogiren E. Possibility
8. Ebiegberi Zidafamor
9. Ebisuobo Rufus Thankgod
10. Oborie Ephraim Hope
11. Okoko Nathaniel
12. Gigi Benjamin Marcell
13. Azibaolanari Obana
14. Dumbo Desmond Mutu
15. Solomon Samson
16. Hillary Okorotie
17. Nanapere Prudence Tamarapreye
18. Agadaga Donald
19. Favour Onoriode
20 Sam Jonah Godstime
21 Ebitimi Ebidoughebofa Kingsley
22 Lokoson Veronica Ebiwari
23 Amakiri Yibamiemunu
24 Youpele woringidiepreye Sophia
25 Kenigua Pere-ere princess
26 Okpotolomo Ebiowei
27 Victoria Pree ifidi
28 Samuel Abila
29 Akuna Powedei
30 Winston Mercy Ayebatari
31 Bekeowei Tamaradie
32 Ezekiel Ikionana Ellen
33 Onungo Princess Ibiwari
34 Emily Robert Ayalla
35 Peres Mitiya
36 Abowei Annex Bernard
37 Timibra Jonah Wilson
38 Okoko Joy Perefinere
39 Otuogha Gesiye
40 Charles Onyema Chukwuma
41 Jim Ogbo Queen Mienenimebebi
42 Ekanem Tarinabo Helen
43 Happy John Honour
44 Nat- Beregha Hope
45 Ogidi Tarilayefa Ben
46 Arisou Enebikedou
47 Gift Keriebo
48 Afentu Oyindeinyefa Duke
49 Ebiere Theresa
50 Iyudu Usivwi Keren
51 Ukieh Gift Ikioha
52 Beregha Esinfa Temple
53 Abidde Theophany James
54 Dagana W Faith
55 James E Allagoa
56 Kainti Ebiladou Tabitha
57 Anthony P Deborah
58 Genesis Toboulayefa Vivian
59 Igbadiwei Macdonald Ebimoboere
60 Puromeiziba Ipigansi
61 Ebiason Ayebainagbo Annabel
62 Janet T Abiri
63 Ken Austine Izibenifien
64 Ebikeniye Sandra
65 Smith Livinus-Agala
66 Friday Kuroyifa Wisdom
67 Esegi Maureen Izibevie
68 Oyinkepreye Louis
69 Tom Ebibo Ayawari
70 Soroghaye Rebecca
71 Uyabara A Boneghen
72 Daniel Doubra Esther
73 Edevie Delia Afinavie
74 Igbelekumo Emilia Preye
75 Debbie Laye Andrew
76 Primrose Epiekiri
77 Buruboyefe Ukiye simeon
78 Vic-Sandra George
79 John Prosper Obokparo
80 Akamu Oyakemeagbegha Roland
81 Jimmy James Calmday
82 Appam blessing tamarakuro
83 Bestman Queen
84 Ebitimi Osain
85 Olali, Karinate Deborah
86 Frank Naniye Okpara
87 Ogbosain Apeikumo Poweide
88 Akoukiri Rita Douyerinlayefa
89 Igwela, Samuel Obiosa
90 Igodo, Ebiowei Frank Geofrey

Do you have questions? Call or visit us.

+234 805 608 5520

Bayelsa State Nigeria



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