Today, I received Middle belt and Northern people staying in my Senatorial district.
A number of them stated that I opened up the state and my area for them to live peacefully.
They are doing their business and are happy to be in the state and my Senatorial district.
They are safe in this area and I told them that I have a lot of northern friends whose places I call home, a number of them have visited me in my community and have stayed with me in my house, so they too should feel safe as they go about their lives.
They came to spend Christmas with me and also brought a souvenir of my portrait in solidarity with me. I thanked them and urged them to continue to live peacefully and be free to carry out their businesses and practice their faith without any molestation.
I urged them to also respect the beliefs and traditions of their host communities and live peacefully. I told them that if there are any issues there are appropriate structures to channel their concerns to and I wish them the best.