On Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Odi community to commiserate with my former Personal Physician who is currently the Executive Secretary of Bayelsa Health Insurance Scheme, Dr. Zuoboemi Agadah on the occasion of the burial of his late mother.
I commiserated with him, the family and the Odi community. Mama lived a good and fulfilled life and raised a son in the person of Dr. Agadah amongst several others.
Dr. Zuoboemi Agadah served me loyally and he continues to serve our state. Mama and Agadah’s father properly raised him. He is Dutiful, God-fearing, Quiet, supportive and dedicated to any assignment given to him.
I also saw his beautiful family, three sons who are medical students and only daughter currently studying law. I thanked his wife, Mrs Agadah and the children. I commiserated with them, the elders and others over the loss.
Thereafter, I proceeded to Nembe City where I joined the governor, top government functionaries to commiserate with Honorable (Dr.) Jonathan Obuebite, his wife, children and the entire Obuebite family and the entire Nembe community over the loss of his mother who was being interred and as I spoke at that event, I appreciated the Nembe community and the people for standing by him and joining together to bury as they always do. I reminded them that Nembe is a very historic and important community in Ijaw Land.
I was pleased to have witnessed the reconciliation and the statement of brotherly love by two notable grassroots leaders of the community and in the state, namely, Gabriel Jonah, the leader of Otita Political Force and Honorable Dr. Jonathan Obuebite, leader of the Wind Political Family, having presided over the state and knowing what happened especially toward the dying days of my government and the incidence in Nembe.
It was very refreshing seeing the maturity displayed by the younger brother of my deputy governor, Hon. Gabriel Jonah, the leader of Otita Political Force who with Hon. Jonathan Obuebite made heartfelt statements of reconciliation, peace and solidarity in Nembe community. I commend both of them and as I said in my remarks, I enjoined all the youths, the elders in Nembe community to continue on the path of solidarity, peace and consensus building and to support development within Nembe and the state. Having said that, I proceeded to the traditional burial ceremony in Nembe called Tiripaga which I know is the most important aspect of any burial ceremony in Nembe with all the chiefs, elders, men and women in attendance which I also frankly made it clear that contrary to the mischief makers and blackmailers, the people of Nembe should know that No one in Ijaw land is more Ijaw than the Nembe man and that the people, especially the youths should be informed and properly educated about their identity and that we are all Ijaws but of different clans with minor dialectical variations and I commended the chiefs and the elders for upholding the burial customs and traditions for our people and it was a pleasure to have been in Nembe again which is one ijaw city that honors and upholds rich tradition and culture of our people. I commiserated with the Chiefs and the Tiripaga and I made my contribution to the burial and the traditionalists and I proceeded back to Abuja.
We pray the good Lord comfort the families of the bereaved and grant the souls of the departed, eternal repose.